• Provide food, clothing, and other personal items to communities in need.
  • Provide support for single mothers.
  • Work with youth and young adult women in their job and career search.
  • Assist individuals dealing with long-term or terminal illnesses through prayers and other spiritual, emotional, mental and financial support.
  • Work with local shelters for abused women and those who are homeless.
  • Engage street evangelism.
  • Offer Health and Wellness workshops and exercise classes.
  • Visit and pray for the sick in hospitals, nursing homes and their homes.
  • Organize prayer meetings, Bible study and Sunday Worship services.
  • Visit correctional facilities to offer prayers and support for inmates.
  • Work with ex-offenders to assist with re-entry to society.


Contact us for our programms:   Monday to Friday 9am-5pm :+1-437-522-5158, +1-416-818-0714,
Toll Free Line: +1-866-291-2515