About The Women Empowerment Ministries International


Women Empowerment International Ministry is a Not – for Profit Charitable Organization set to encourage/empower Women and People from all walks of life in attaining better and well-fulfilled life for themselves.

We promote personal growth, gender equality, and cultural diversity by helping individuals to develop their talents through Education, Training, and other activities, services, and programs.

We believe in developing and building up the skills of people especially our Youth / Young Adults through Leadership and Vocational Training. We promote Entrepreneurship and Small Business initiatives.

We take a special interest in the Welfare of Seniors in our Community. One of our programs is to donate Food to this group and to prepare meals for them through our Meals on Wheels program.

Women Empowerment International Ministry works in collaboration with other similar Organizations to ensure a better life for all.

We organize yearly and quarterly Leadership Seminars and Conferences on Empowerment, Wellness, and Health to promote Health / strong life for everyone.


Empowering Women and Families from all walks of life to overcome life challenges, attain their Natural given potentials thereby living a well-fulfilled life.


Women Empowerment International Ministry is a community base Organization encouraging/empowering Women and Families from all walks of life to attain greater heights and better life through Education, Social Services, and Economic programs.

We run different programmes weekly

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